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web applications Internet programming

Professional programming

In collaboration with you, we will organize your website and specify a suitable layout.

At the realization we will code at the latest state of technology in HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and realize your wishes properly.

If possible we avoid frameworks to ensure maximum security and functionality.

For your website we accomplish a basic search engine optimization, which can be extended by one of our strong partners if there is a huge quantity of data and if it is requested.

We create:

  • standard websites
  • mobile, responsive websites
  • online calculating programs
  • web shops
  • administration programs
  • invoicing tools

Of course we take care of the administration of your domain and support you with the installation of email addresses.


Internet programming website Pucest protect GmbH

The website of the company PUCEST GmbH contains a programmed customer area with special configurable products and algorithms for price calculation.

Internet programming website Aerospa Whirlpool & Technik GmbH

Based on the catalogue of the company Aerospa the website was created and is now online with all the contents of the catalogue.

Internet programming web application Reikem

In collaboration with the company Reikem, we created complex web applications and huge projects like:

  • administration portals
  • calculating programs
  • invoicing tools
  • time recording programs